Castle peak valley, Camellia endless , surrounded by Pichi, beautiful scenery.

This is the place where changfa company is

The concept of "Chun Yu nature and
health" is often accepted.

From planting, processing to R & D,

Twenty years are consistent, stick to the
tea oil road.

It has been selected as a key enterprise of
the national tea oil industry and serves as the general supplier of G20
Hangzhou summit.

[  ChieFood  ]

Pure brew of ancient law

Tea Oil

Tea oil constipation dance.

Nourishment and nourishment.

Tonifying qi by drug therapy.

maintain beauty and keep young.

Tea oil

Quality System

Health is the first choice

Product display

G20 Hangzhou summit general warehouse supply

ChieFood  It always adheres to the concept of "being honest and healthy".

"998 times of physical crushing technology" and "IT cold pressing technology" jointly developed by zhejiang university

Insist on making Oriental good oil.

Machine: 0570-5555678

Mobile phone: 13656701777 (Zhang min).

E-mail: 116955327

Address: no.5, wengjia road, xindu industrial park, changshan county, zhejiang province.

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